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Doi Suthep Chiang Mai Thapae Gate Suthep Chiang Mai Doi Suthep Chiang Mai

Special Promotion Chiang Mai Hotels

Hotels Chiangmai Amora Tapae Hotel 22 Chaiyapoom Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50300

Hotels Chiangmai

Khum Phaya Resort Spa 137 Moo 5 Tumbol Nong Pa Krang, Chiangmai 53000

Hotels Chiangmai

Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel 184 Chang Klan Road,
Chiang Mai 50100

Hotels Chiangmai

Imperial Mae Ping Hotel 153 Sridonchai Road,
Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
Health Care in Thailand
  Thailand is a relatively safe destination and you can, in almost all areas, relax and feel comfortable with your surroundings, as a male or female. Of course, those new to the environment should be a little wary of safety in Thailand until they have become more familiar with their situation. Health in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is deemed malaria-free; in fact, most of northern Thailand is too high in altitude for the virus to thrive. However, you may be at risk if you are planning a trip down the Mekong river to Laos or other lowland areas. Mosquitoes are a widespread irritant across Thailand due to the abundance of water.

Furthermore, the malarial strains here are considered immune to western prophylactics such as Larium. Soxycycline is recommended as an impromptu preventative medicine. There is a malaria centre alongside the outer western flank of the moat (near Chiang Mai Ram 1 hospital).


Thailand has generally been very successful in its campaign to limit the spread of HIV and AIDS in a country that has a reputation for its sex industry. Realistic estimates put the infection level at roughly five per cent of the population, however those mingling in the go go scene are obviously among a higher risk group. Condom usage is essential and widely practiced here; other methods of transmission are deemed to be low-risk in Thailand, with the exception of sharing syringe needles.

Venereal disease

likewise there are higher incidences of diseases such as syphilis, herpes and gonorrhoea among prostitutes and their clients, however, the high publicity of AIDS has encouraged many people to use condoms, thus reducing the spread of venereal diseases in general.

Drinking water

In Thailand, the tap water is not drinkable, and bottled water is widely available and cheap. Be aware that mountain streams may also be contaminated as discharging waste into waterways is common in Thailand. Reverse-osmosis water purification systems are generally used, therefore ice and free water offered on restaurant tables is safe for drinking.

Dengue Fever

Has similar symptoms to malaria and is spread by mosquitoes occupying stagnant pools of water in urban areas. Incidents have been isolated and occur between July and October; there is no prophylactic available yet and if untreated the hemorrhagic form of the disease can sometimes be fatal.


During the months of March, April and May, Thailand becomes extremely hot, with temperatures reaching 40C/105F. Those who are not used to such temperatures will certainly feel uncomfortable and should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, especially if out in the direct sun and engaging in activity. Symptoms include: fever, fatigue, breathing difficulty and a dry mouth. Rehydration salts/drinks or a trip to the nearest hospital are recommended.


Is common among non-Asians and a mild bout of the infamous 'Bangkok belly' at least once during your trip is common. This usually results from eating unhygienically prepared food (roadside noodle shops are notoriously bad), too much chilli in your food, contaminated water or unfamiliar spices and herbs.

Anti-diarrhoeal medication is widely available in Thailand. The runs usually pass within 24 hours; be sure to keep well rested and rehydrate yourself. If you have been vomiting or suffer a severe case, then report immediately to the hospital.

exists in a variety of strains affecting the liver; although the symptoms may be similar, they differ in method of transmission and seriousness. Hep A is spread through contaminated food and drink, resulting in fever, chills, headaches and fatigue. The best remedy is simply resting and eating properly, waiting for the symptoms to pass.

Hep B is far more serious and often results in 'yellowing' of the skin and leads to long-term liver problems. It is spread through contaminated blood or sexual activity. Hep C, D and E are less common but can be lethal and there is no vaccination against these. Drinking alcohol during the weeks after recovery is not advised.

Avian influenza:
is no longer a threat and was always most dangerous when receiving adverse negative-hype coverage in the press (particularly affecting the tourism industry). Although a few new cases have been reported in mid 2004, they are isolated and chicken products across Thailand are considered safe to eat. The only reported human cases have been from farms where the infected were in close contact with livestock.

are still unfortunately widely used by ignorant farmers who are desperate to scratch a living by whatever means boosts their crop success. Vegetables here are generally sprayed with toxic insect repellents and products are also often enhanced in appearance using dyes.

Few cases of poisoning are ever noted and organic vegetables are available in selected modern supermarkets, at a premium price. Most respectable eating establishments will endeavour to source healthy vegetables.

there are many 'street dogs' in Thailand and travellers complain of bites fairly regularly. A rabies vaccine is now available, if you have not had this treatment before coming to Thailand and are subsequently bitten it is advisable to report to a hospital for injections. The rabies infection can be fatal and is carried in the saliva, so even a dog licking an open wound can be dangerous. Immediately clean the wound with iodine if you are worried. Dogs infected with rabies usually display symptoms of dementia (madness), acting very aggressively and foaming at the mouth in the late stages.

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Doi Kham Resort
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Dreamcatchers Bed & Breakfast
DusitD2 Hotel Chiang Mai
Empress Hotel
Eurana Boutique Hotel
Fern Paradise
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai
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Golden Cupids Hotel
Green Lake Resort
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge
Holiday Garden Hotel
Holiday Inn
Horizon Village
HUB53 Chiang Mai House
Imm Hotel Thaphae Chiang Mai
Imperial Chiang Mai Sports Clubs
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel
INSDA Luxery Private House
Jasmine Hills Lodge
Jirung Health Resort
Kantary Hills
Kaomai Lanna Resort
Khocha Sri Thani Chiang Mai
Kireethara Boutique Resort
Krisdadoi Chiangmai
Khum Phaya Resort & Spa
Lanna Mantra Relais
Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel
Lanna Resort
Lanna View Hotel & Resort
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel
Mae Rim Lagoon Hotel
Mae Sa Valley
Maekok River Village Resort
Manathai Village
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
Maninarakorn Hotel
Marisa Resort & Spa
Montrara Happy House Hotel
Muang Gudi Lodge
Natural Wellness Resort
Na Thapae Hotel
Navasoung Resort
Noble Place
Oasis Hotel
Panviman Chiangmai Resort & Spa
Park Hotel
Phu Jaya Mini Resort
Plumeria Home
Pornping Tower
Portico 21
Proud Phu Fah
Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique
Rainforest & Pornpiroon Hotel
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort
Rawee Waree Resort & Spa
Rimping Village
Royal Guest House
Royal Lanna Hotel
Royal Orchid Park
Royal Panerai Hotel
Royal Peninsula Hotel
Royal Princess Chiang Mai
Ruen Come In
Saimoonburi Resort
Scorpion Tailed Boat Village
Shewe Wana Boutique Resort Spa
Sinthana Resort
Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa
Sri-Ping Resort
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Studio 99 Serviced Apartments
Suan Bua Resort & Spa
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Taraburi Resort & Spa
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The Chedi Chiang Mai
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Yaang Come Village
Yesterday The Village

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